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Weight Loss Programs

Lose weight & improve your health with Forum Health weight loss programs.


Every person’s weight loss journey is unique. You have different goals for your weight loss plan and will hit milestones at different times than your friend or spouse who may be joining your weight loss program. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to health and wellness. And for a program to be most effective, it must be customized to the individual, because you need a plan that’s as unique as you are!


This is not your typical weight loss plan. 


As functional medical practitioners, our Forum Health providers don’t just focus on taking off the pounds; we create a personalized medical weight loss program to rid your body of toxins, create positive lifestyle habits, and optimize your health and your weight. And once you reach your goal, we’ll support your maintenance with a customized program that keeps you healthy, strong, vibrant, and slim for the rest of your life. 


As functional medicine providers, we focus on the root-cause of why you are holding on to extra weight.  Calories in and calories out is not always the answer when you have imbalances or toxicities in your body.


Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

As you begin your weight loss journey, especially if you’re trying to figure out how to lose weight fast and how to lose water weight, you’ll find several things to consider; from programs and diets, to exercise, weight loss supplements, weight loss medications and weight loss pills. But, how do you know what’s working? Sure, you may see the number on the scale beginning to go down, and that’s good. Right?


Kind of. If your goal is to lose weight, then, yes, you’ll want to see the number on the scale go down. But, lower weight is not always a measure of good health.


Your body is made up primarily of bones, water, muscle and fat – this is your body composition. As you begin to lose weight, you may begin to experience losses from muscle, water and fat. The problem is, a traditional scale doesn’t tell you what you’ve lost – just that you’ve decreased your overall body weight.

How to Lose Body Fat

Typically, when you set a weight loss goal – the aim really is to lose fat. Losing fat has several health-improving benefits since excess body fat can lead to heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, and other complications.


In contrast, losing muscle during your weight loss program can actually cause health issues and make keeping the weight off more difficult. Muscle mass is critical to maintaining healthy blood sugar and fat levels, controlling inflammation, and helping you burn more calories.


Weight loss usually means change and you have to prepare to change your life. Some people do this by eating all the junk food in their fridge and then eating very little after. But then what? Now they’re starving, so their body stores fat instead of burning it. They’re working out more than they ever have in their lives, which is only making their unfed/unfueled bodies panic and strike back, leading to inflammation. Then comes the exhaustion, fatigue, and lethargy. Despite all the good they’re trying to do, they’re making their health worse. Like everything, a healthy lifestyle takes planning. Most of all, it takes LEARNING—and the why’s and how’s are the most important part.


Take control of your weight and get the help you need with Forum Health’s medical weight loss programs. We offer weight loss injections, diet & nutrition coaching, and customized nutrition plans for weight loss.


Contact Forum Health and get started on your path to better health today!


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Weight Loss FAQ

If you’re not losing weight, the first place you should be looking is your diet, which is at least 80% of the battle. Cheat days don’t exist while you’re trying to lose weight; when you work so hard Monday through Friday, that pizza and beer on Saturday has officially just undone it all.


Some people focus all their energy on burning off calories that they don’t take the time to consider what they’re putting in as fuel. Since no two bodies are alike, the foods that are working for your best friend aren’t necessarily going to work for you. It all depends on your body type, metabolism, and other factors. 


One tip to remember, though, is that you can never go wrong with all natural, whole foods, so when you plan your weight loss meal plans, consider adding fat-burning foods such as wild-caught fish and leafy greens like kale and spinach to your meal plans.

Favorite healthy recipes for weight loss include:


For more recipes visit Forum Health Recipes

In a perfect world, we would be able to depend on the good earth and our bodies to lose weight and build muscle. Unfortunately, that’s just not possible with the toxins in the air we breathe and the processed foods we eat. We need more than just the diet alone, and supplement support gives a helping hand to boost your weight loss efforts. 


Here are a few supplements you should have:


  • Fish Oil is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and can reduce inflammation.
  • Vitamin D is a vitamin and pro-hormone has been shown to support balanced hormones which aids in fat loss.

Protein is essential for building lean muscle and it supports a healthy metabolism. The problem with meat is that it can be difficult to get all the protein you need. Protein powder makes up for this.


Some of the best protein powders for weight loss are organic whey and collagen protein. Take 1-2 scoops right after your workout (they can be added to smoothies or water).

Studies have not confirmed that birth control causes weight gain, but studies have found that the pill can change a woman’s body shape and composition.


Your sex most likely affects how fast you can lose weight and body fat. While each person’s body type is different, most females will naturally have more fat and less muscle on their bodies than males. 

Forum health has weight loss clinics throughout the USA. 
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