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Jen in Glenrock Wy
Dr. Andrew Petersen, DO | Orem, UT
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My parents, myself, and my children have been patients of Dr. Peterson for several years. He is an amazing doctor! The amount of time that he spend talking with us about our medical history and ALL of our symptoms was kind of shocking at first. He is incredibly thorough, both in talking to us as patients and in the testing that he does. I have been so impressed with the progress we have made because of his willingness to do testing.
Sharon Teel
Dr. Andrew Peterson, UT
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Dr. Andrew Peterson is a fearless warrior in the uphill battle against Lyme disease! His obvious intelligence and true concern for his patients is exceptional. His staff continue his aim towards excellence and have your well-being at the heart of all they do. Truly Dr. Andrew Peterson is THE rock star of my medical world!!
Dr. Susan Harris, TX
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I have been seeing Susan Harris for hormone therapy for numerous years. She’s the first person to get my levels where they need to be. She also helped my adult son safely lose 40 lbs. The weight loss really helped to improve his self-esteem. I would highly recommend Susan Harris and her staff for your hormone or weight loss needs.
Dr. William Epperly, MD - Chicago Area
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I have been with this office for several years now. I have seen Dr. Epperly and Anjitha Thomas. I love both of them, their attention to detail, helping you to find a solution and their knowledge of Thyroid Disease like no other office I have ever seen. They changed my life and I could not be happier. I have had great luck with their staff as well. I highly recommend this doctor.
Priscila and Charlie
Forum Health Santa Rosa
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Jane Kennedy has treated both myself and my husband for years. After we moved away from the area we were shocked at how little most medical providers listen. We are excited to be back in the area with Jane Kennedy, an extremely thorough medical provider who takes the time to really listen and who tracks your issues with extreme care.
Rob R.
Forum Health Fond du Lac
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Amazing doctor. Really cares about his patients.
Forum Health Patient
Forum Health Santa Rosa
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Jane Kennedy is one of the most thorough practitioners around. I needed someone to optimize my hormones and help with my thyroid. She has always listened to what I am feeling, explained why I might be feeling that way and encouraged me to make some changes to feel better. She has given me insight and pointed me to studies if I didn't understand something. She has always encouraged me to listen to my body and bring any questions or concerns to her. Her office staff is always kind and considerate with all of my needs.

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