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Have a Passion for Integrative and Functional Medicine? Join the Movement!

Looking to transcend conventional approaches to provide transformative patient care? You belong here. 

Forum Health is the Leading Nationwide Provider of Personalized Healthcare

Our Vision: To provide proven and personalized care that provides optimal health and vitality to all.

Forum Health practitioners take a new approach to patient health and wellness, integrating advanced modern medicine with the powerful principles of functional and integrative medicine. We are committed to leaving behind the “sick care” model and instead empowering patients with “well-care” where they thrive, and you practice medicine for true healing.  

Be Part of the Movement

Transform the healthcare landscape with the latest cutting-edge technology and anti-aging strategies. 

Impactful Work

Make a difference in the lives of patients by addressing the root cause of disease. 

Collaborative Environment

Work alongside top providers dedicated to patient-centric care. 

Professional Growth

Expand your skills and knowledge in functional and integrative medicine. 

“At Forum Health, we are dedicated to redefining healthcare. We invest in our integrative and functional medicine providers so that they can thrive and continue to serve their patients”
Adam Puttkammer
President of Forum Health

Functional Medicine Careers:
Currently Seeking Talent!

Forum Health has clinic locations Nationwide – and growing. Through our expansion plans, our network will continue to grow! 


We are currently recruiting providers and staff for functional medicine careers in the following states: California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin. 

Workplace Perks

Enjoy the benefits that give you peace of mind. We offer full-time employees a robust benefits package. 

Technology Powered, Innovation Focused

Forum Health’s network of physicians is bolstered by its Power2Practice®️ electronic medical record (EMR) platform and Inwell Biosciences supplement line. We are redefining healthcare — harnessing the power of technology, clinical innovation, and patient engagement. 

Take Your Career to the Next Level with Forum Health!