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Unlocking the Mystery: Diagnosing and Treating Your Unexplained Symptoms

Are you or a loved one suffering from undiagnosed symptoms like fatigue, persistent fever, joint and muscle pain, stomach issues, brain fog or loss of appetite? Do you suspect you have a chronic illness or have undergone rounds of testing and treatment with little to no improvement in your symptoms? If so, this masterclass is for you. 


Join Dr. Wally Taylor and Dr. Clayton Bell as they discuss the latest, cutting-edge testing to uncover the root cause of complex illnesses (that conventional medicine often misses), provide a deeper understanding of your health challenges, and offer advanced treatments to help you heal. 

In This Masterclass You Will Learn

Treating Unexplained Symptoms, Autoimmune Disorders and Chronic Infections and Toxicity

  • Haven’t been feeling well and don’t know why 
  • Have not received a proper diagnosis for their health concern 
  • Have been to a conventional medicine doctor without a real solution 
  • Have undiagnosed or unresolved symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, weight gain (or loss) and chronic pain. 
  • Have experienced failure or intolerance to treatment 

Treating Unexplained Symptoms, Autoimmune Disorders and Chronic Infections and Toxicity

At Forum Health, our providers are experts in treating unexplained or mystery symptoms as well as autoimmune disorders and chronic infections and toxicity including: 


Autoimmune Disorders: 


  • Allergies – From mold and dust to seasonal allergies and food sensitivities, we’ll work to discover the cause of your allergies to improve your immune system and help you feel better. 


  • Lupus – Lupus causes inflammation of the connective tissues in the joints which can spread to nearby organs and tissues. While conventional medicine focuses on managing the symptoms, our experts work to rebalance your microbiome, reduce inflammation and eliminate toxicity overload. Our personalized program can lead to vast improvement and in some cases complete reversal of the illness. 


  • Rheumatoid Arthritis – This condition occurs when the immune system isn’t working properly and attacks the lining of the joints. It commonly affects the hands, knees and ankles. At Forum Health, we use advanced testing to measure inflammation in the body and work to reduce it through detoxing, rebalancing the microbiome, removing toxins and strengthening the immune system. 


  • Hashimoto’s Disease – Often treated as a thyroid issue when, in fact, it’s an autoimmune disorder, Hashimoto’s occurs when the immune system attacks the thyroid gland leading to inflammation, decreased thyroid function and hypothyroidism. Our experts work to develop a customized treatment plan to fight inflammation in the thyroid and throughout the body, strengthen the immune system, and decrease the thyroid peroxidase antibody (TPO) load.    


  • FibromyalgiaA chronic disorder marked by widespread pain, tenderness and fatigue that impacts the entire body, physical functioning and emotional well-being. Our holistic approach focuses on symptom relief and management so you can get your life back. 

Chronic Infections & Toxicity: 


  • Lyme Disease and co-infections – Diagnosing and treating Lyme disease successfully can be very tricky. Many individuals go undiagnosed or still experience symptoms after taking antibiotics; Lyme blood tests have limited accuracy and symptoms can mimic other conditions. At Forum Health, our experts use groundbreaking diagnostics and treatment using SOT Therapy to you heal and recover. 

  • Mold Toxicity – Also known as mold illness, this condition is produced by mycotoxins which can wreak havoc on the body, suppressing the immune system, damaging cells and impairing the nervous system. Our providers are experts in diagnosing and treating mold illness through research-backed tests, cutting-edge detox methods and other therapies to repair the immune system. 

  • Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) – Around 95% of adults have been infected with EBV, also known as herpes virus 4 which causes mononucleosis (mono). EBV remains in the body indefinitely and can be reactivated during stress, leading to many unpleasant symptoms. Forum Health providers use a holistic approach to repair immunity and your microbiome, address nutritional deficiencies and other co-infections using a variety of treatments including SOT therapy. 
  • Long Haul COVID Syndrome – The CDC reports that out of the 40% of US adults that have contracted COVID 19, 1 in 5 are still experiencing symptoms regardless of whether the infection was severe or mild. Symptoms can range from anxiety and brain fog, to gut issues, shortness of breath and muscle aches. Our experts use the most up-to-date evidence-based treatments to address inflammation, brain function, autophagy, mitochondrial damage and autoimmune triggers. 

  • Heavy Metals & Environmental Toxicity – Heavy metals and environmental toxins are everywhere – in our food, air, water and even our homes. Build-up over time of toxins can cause disease and interfere with our healing. At Forum Health we use a variety of effective detoxification methods that will remove harmful metals and help your body return to full functioning and good health. 

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