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High-Dose Vitamin C IV Therapy In Greenville, SC

High-Dose Vitamin C IV Therapy In Greenville, SC

Vitamin C is extremely important for our overall health. However, often we don’t get adequate amounts of it daily – be it through the foods we consume or supplements we take. 


Vitamin C helps our body’s immune system fight off everything from simple viruses to dangerous cancers.


Located in Greenville SC, Forum Health professionals are standing by to help you get better with high-dose Vitamin C therapy

What Is High-Dose Vitamin C?

If you ever bought a Vitamin C supplement, you might have noticed very large quantities of it. Average pill today contains anywhere from 500mg to 1,000mg of Vitamin C. 


For reference, 1000mg of Vitamin C is 1,667% of your daily value.


When taken orally, only 30% of any dose is absorbed in your body. What’s more, if you take more than the recommended dosage, your body will respond with stomach irritation and diarrhea. 


Vitamin C can be infused in the body through the bloodstream in much higher doses than it can be taken by mouth. Through this method, vitamin C skips the stomach and the intestines and rises to very high levels – very quickly. 

Why Take High-Dose Vitamin C Therapy?

Vitamin C is a very powerful anti-inflammatory and can help your body become better and stronger. It helps our bodies fight chronic inflammation, different autoimmune diseases, infections and cancer. 



Every person is different. Your body’s needs can vary differently than those of your sibling, significant other, child or friend. 



Forum Health providers are experts at IV therapy. They will assess your unique situation and present you with a highly effective high-dose vitamin C therapy. Unlike in many IV therapy lounges or IV drip bars, our IV therapy sessions are administered by highly trained medical professionals and often overseen by experienced integrative medicine physicians.


Our providers will help you address any issues you’re having and how high-dose Vitamin C therapy can help.

High-Dose Vitamin C Therapy In Greenville

Forum Health has a convenient location in Greenville. Our office is clean and safe, and our staff is professional, knowledgeable and highly skilled. 

Our providers recommend high-dose Vitamin C as an adjunct to other treatments. It’s a commitment of time and energy — you may not see results until after you’ve had a number of sessions.


As integrative medical practitioners, our providers rarely use only one treatment; as such, high-dose Vitamin C therapy is just one tool in our toolbox.


Contact us today to speak with one of our IV experts.

Many Benefits Of High-Dose Vitamin C Therapy

Vitamin C is ascorbic acid. At high levels, which can only be administered and absorbed through IV, Vitamin C is like a powerful forest fire – burning cancerous cells, bacteria, viruses, Lyme, and toxicity caused by mold.


At low levels, Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. At higher doses, it becomes a PROoxidant – it breaks down in the body to produce hydrogen peroxide that destroys cancer cells and infections.


Vitamin C, when administered through the IV, is safe and generally well-tolerated by most patients. However, you might feel slight pain at the site of injection or feel a burning sensation in your vein. Our highly skilled IV providers will be able to adjust the therapy in order to make you feel more comfortable. 


Benefits of high-dose Vitamin C therapy are vast. It may help you with:

  • Building a stronger immune system;
  • Lowering your risk of heart disease;
  • Reducing stress levels;
  • Reducing side effects of cancer treatments;
  • Fighting cancer;
  • Collagen production;
  • Improving energy levels;
  • And so much more!

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