Unlock Your Brain’s Full Potential: Is BrainRx Right for You?

Are you considering a brain neurotransmitter reset program? Make sure you meet the recommended criteria for BrainRx to reach optimal results.

BrainRx is Forum Health’s medically supervised brain neurotransmitter program. This six-week course is designed to improve brain function in six key areas with the use of supplements and health-coach guidance. But is it right for you?  


It is important to consider your individual health before starting any health program. BrainRx with health coach support can be beneficial for a number of people but is ideal for individuals experiencing mild to moderate cognitive or mental health issues. If you are suffering with severe mental health and cognitive health issues, it is essential to work with a provider to determine if BrainRx is right for you.  

Moderate to Mild Cognitive and Mental Health Issues that Can Benefit from the BrainRx Neurotransmitter Program

  • You have trouble sleeping but have not been diagnosed with a sleep disorder or currently take medication. 
  • You suffer from mild to moderate depression or anxiety and take 1 or less prescription medications, specifically SSRIs.  
  • You experience cravings for food or activities but don’t require significant therapy or have a diagnosis. 
  • You have reduced cognitive ability like focus and concentration but don’t have a dementia diagnosis. 
  • You suffer from chronic pain. 
  • You are 15 and older, have gone through puberty, weigh more than 100lbs and are a willing participant to improve your brain health!  


In this video, BrainRx Creator and Program Facilitator Dr. Shilpa P. Saxena outlines in more detail who is an ideal candidate for BrainRx.  

While these criteria serve as guidelines for who makes an ideal candidate for BrainRx, it is not absolute. In some cases, it is recommended to involve your medical provider who can make adjustments to the program to account for medications you may be taking or for any conditions being treated. To ensure efficacy in the program and safety, there are certain individuals that should get medical approval and do the BrainRx program under their medical provider’s supervision 

Severe Cognitive and Mental Health Issues that Require Medical Provider Approval for the BrainRx Neurotransmitter Program

  • You or the individual experience severe mental health and cognitive challenges that require multiple medications. 
  • The individual lacks self-awareness or the ability to self-assess symptoms. 
  • You or the individual experiences mania, psychosis or paranoia. 
  • You or the individual has a seizure disorder. 
  • You or the individual has a blood pressure disorder or experiences sudden changes in blood pressure as a result of anxiety or another mental health disorder.   
  • You or the individual has been diagnosed with and take medications for depression, anxiety, ADHD, substance use disorders, or another serious mental health or cognitive issue. 


In this video, BrainRx Creator and Program Facilitator Dr. Shilpa P. Saxena outlines in more detail who should first consult with their medical provider for approval before starting BrainRx and work with that provider for program supervision.  

This is not a comprehensive list of all the conditions that are recommended to consult with a provider before starting the BrainRx program.  


If you have questions about starting BrainRx, contact your Forum Health provider.