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Early Detection and Peace of Mind with the Galleri Blood Test Cancer Screening


Now available at Forum Health, one simple blood draw can screen for 50+ signals of cancer.

The saying, “knowledge is power” is true, especially when it comes to early detection of cancer. Most people know of at least one person close to them who has suffered from cancer, some with a family history and others with none.


It leaves you wondering, what are the chances you may be at risk for developing cancer? Early detection of cancer allows for more immediate treatment options and often saves lives. So why wait? If you could know what your risk is, wouldn’t you want to find out?

Know More, Sooner with the Galleri Multi-Cancer Early Detection Test

With only five types of cancer currently recommended for cancer screening tests in the US, it’s important to be an advocate for your health and go beyond.


Even if you feel well and have no family history of cancer, cancer can begin to develop in the body without you experiencing any physical symptoms. So screening early and for a wide range of cancer signals gives you the best chance at intervention.


Missing cancer screenings may lead to:

  • Late-stage diagnosis
  • Lower survival rates
  • Reduced treatment options


The Galleri multi-cancer early detection test is a simple blood test for cancer that can be conducted during your Forum Health visit. It screens for a shared cancer signal across 50 cancers, giving you more information to take action. The Galleri test is not a diagnostic test and only looks for active cancer.

How Does a Blood Test for Cancer Work?

  1. Get Your Blood Drawn with Your Forum Health Provider
  2. Wait Two Weeks for Results
    1. A “Cancer Signal Detected” result means the Galleri test detected a signal associated with cancer.
    2. A “No Cancer Signal Detected” result means the Galleri test looked for a cancer signal and did not find one.
  3. With a “Cancer Signal Detected” your results will predict where in your body the signal may be coming from
  4. If you get a “Cancer Signal Detected” your Forum Health provider will provide resources for diagnostic testing and treatment


If you get a “No Cancer Signal Detected” continue to test at least once a year

In a clinical study, around 4 out of 10 people with the “Cancer Signal Detected” result from the Galleri Multi-Cancer Early Detection Test were diagnosed with cancer after diagnostic testing and less than 1% of individuals with a “No Cancer Signal Detected” result had cancer.

It is important to note that a negative cancer testing result does not completely rule out the possibility of cancer. The Galleri blood test does not detect all cancers, and not all cancers can be detected in the blood. All results should be reviewed by your Forum Health medical provider.

‌Contact a Forum Health clinic today for more information on the Galleri test, or to find blood test for cancer nearby.