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People are searching. For a simpler experience. For an advocate who can cut through the complexity. For transparent expenses with clear value. For a way to prevent chronic issues — not just mask symptoms. For doctors with time to build relationships and truly care. They’re searching for a better way to get healthcare.

Enter functional and integrative medicine. It’s an exciting time for physicians who believe in a better way to practice. And Forum Health is helping their practices thrive. By handling the business side, we offer freedom to focus on patient care. Beyond administrative support, our practitioners have access to advanced treatments and technology.

We’re creating a forum — connecting great minds with a shared passion for change. Joining means embracing an opportunity to explore your medical curiosity and share expertise with some of the best doctors in the nation. Supported by real-world data from patients nationwide, our medical community produces care insights to refine a whole-body approach.

Spend time with people — not paperwork.

As a Forum Health practitioner, you can focus on what matters most. When it comes to non-clinical burden, we’ve got you covered:

Office Operations

IT Operations




Human Resources

Forum Health practices also have access to:

Power2Practice® electronic medical record software, designed specifically for precision health. Extensive real-time data from Power2Practice helps your practice design personalized care plans according to validated clinical protocols.

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Inwell Biosciences’ physician-curated dietary supplement line. Inwell’s purposeful products are focused on quality — using pure ingredients, targeted formulations, and clinically relevant dosing.

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