Digital infrared thermal imaging is a technique of imaging the body using a heat sensing thermal camera. 


The heat patterns radiated by the body are examined to look for patterns that may indicate the causes of breast pain or problems with breast health which could lead to the development of pathology over time. Digital infrared thermal imaging detects changes in physiology in the body and is therefore different from standard digital mammography. Thermal imaging has the added benefit of being non-contact (no breast compression) and passive (no radiation exposure). 

 Screening with Thermography 

Thermographic images are taken in a relaxing and private setting. The first set of breast images are taken after the patient has disrobed and acclimated to the room’s temperature. These images will sever as the baseline thermal images.  


Following baseline images, the patient will submerge their hands in cold water for one minute. Post-cold challenge images will then be collected. When the hands are placed in cold water, an ANS reflex occurs in the breasts, providing objective physiological data.  

  • Radiation-free
  • Painless 
  • Safe for lactating women 
  • Images the entire breast  
  • Compression free imaging  
  • Fibrocystic breasts imaging 
  • Safe for augmented breasts 
  • Post-mastectomy imaging