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FLINT, Mich.March 15, 2023, Forum Health, a nationwide network of integrative medicine clinics, is proud to announce its annual nationwide group detox program, GDRx, this spring. The program helps participants eliminate everyday toxins from their bodies to promote optimal health through guided detox and nutrient support.

Toxins are present everywhere in our environment, from the air and food we eat to the products we use. Exposure to these toxins can lead to a variety of health issues. The body has natural detoxification pathways, but it can become overwhelmed by the constant barrage of toxins we encounter which is why periodic detox is essential for maintaining good health.


GDRx is a 10-day detox program to help participants eliminate toxins and begin to restore optimal health. Participants in the GDRx program reported a 40% reduction in HS-CRP inflammation markers, a 43% reduction in reported symptoms and an 8-pound average weight loss. The program’s protocol includes an elimination diet, supplements, lifestyle modifications, and support from a team of experienced health coaches.


One of the most significant benefits of the annual group aspect of the detox is the power of group coaching. Research shows people are more likely to stick to a program when they have the support and accountability of a group. The program includes regular group meetings where participants can connect with others and receive support to stay on track.

In this video, Dr. Shilpa Saxena, founder of the GDRx Gut Detox Program and Chief Medical Officer of Forum Health discusses: – The importance of gut health and how it can impact your ability to lose weight and feel your best. – The effects of environmental toxins, food sensitivities, and stress on the body, and how they can contribute to chronic inflammation and other health issues. – Why removing toxin buildup is critical and how GDRx can help you achieve your health goals!

“GDRx is our most popular program. Our patients enjoy the group aspect of the detox so much that it sold out the last two years, and we’ve now made it an annual event,” said Adam Puttkammer, president of Forum Health. “Wellness goals are better achieved and maintained through community and our nationwide group format offers just that!”


Registration is now open. Participants can select from two start dates, April 17 or May 1. The program includes all you need to support your body’s natural detox system and more!


To learn more and register, click here.


About Forum Health


Forum Health is a nationwide network of integrative medicine clinics that provides personalized, functional medicine solutions to help people achieve optimal health. Forum Health practitioners use an evidence-based approach to identify the root cause of health issues and develop customized treatment plans that address the underlying causes. With a team of experienced healthcare professionals, Forum Health is committed to helping people achieve optimal health and well-being.