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Top 5 Reasons to Choose an Integrative and Functional Medicine Provider

Forum Health is not your average health care provider. Compare our integrative approach to the conventional medicine model your current provider is utilizing. 


Are you ready to experience a better approach to health care? Maybe you’ve become accustomed to only seeing your doctor when you are seriously ill or need a refill on a prescription. But what about the rest of the time? Do you really know the state of your health? Does your doctor?


At Forum Health, our integrative and functional medicine providers are dedicated to personalized care. They work with you to understand your unique health history, risk factors and lifestyle choices that impact your overall health. When symptoms do present, they take a functional approach to get to the root-cause of the issue and begin the healing there – they don’t just mask the symptoms with a pill.


Learn how receiving care from one of our Forum Health providers can make a difference in your overall health.

Five Reasons to A Choose a Forum Health Integrative and Functional Medicine Provider

Forum Health’s integrative and functional medicine providers differ from the conventional medicine model in five key ways.

1. You have a team of experts who address the root cause of your symptoms VS one doctor who only treats your symptoms.

 With experts on the immune system, chronic diseases, allergies, hormones and more, your Forum Health provider is part of a team of experts who work together to recommend tests and therapies that get to the root-cause of your symptoms.


It may be a combination of things happening in your body and environment that are leading to your symptoms and without a collective approach like ours, it is difficult to advise proper treatment that will resolve the issue at the source.

2. Health-centered and patient focused VS disease-centered and doctor focused.

Forum Health providers work with you to achieve your optimal state of health. That means taking into account your mental, emotional and physical health, and your personal health goals. Integrative and functional medicine is meant to promote and restore optimal health in each patient ongoingly, not just treat diseases as they come up and only see a doctor when absolutely critical.

3. Personalized care tailored to your unique needs VS everyone is treated the same.

You have a unique health history made up of your genetics, past health concerns, lifestyle factors and more. Forum Health providers take the time to learn what your unique needs are and spend their time treating you for what is most relevant to you. You are not just another number in for routine tests and then sent on your way.

4. Cutting-edge, personalized lab work, advanced testing and imaging VS basic testing that fails to provide the full picture of health.

Our providers are leaders in their field and constantly learning about the emerging technologies. This means that they provide access to cutting-edge and personalized testing, lab work and imaging that you could not get elsewhere – or other doctors wouldn’t even know to recommend.


Personalized testing gives our providers a whole-person view of a patient’s health and how the body is operating as a whole. They are not making decisions based on one standard blood test alone.

5. Preventative approach VS reactive approach.

Gone are the days of only going to the doctor when you are seriously ill. Forum Health providers work with you to stay ahead of illness and maintain optimal health throughout life’s stages. By incorporating nutrition counseling, health coaching, mental emotional well-being, lifestyle, complementary therapies and more, you are empowered to prevent disease before it starts.

It’s easy to become frustrated and give up on advocating for your health when you feel that the system is not supporting you and you are not being heard. That is why Forum Health is dedicated to listening to its patients and helping them get to the bottom of chronic and persistent health issues, and finally feeling good again!


You have unique needs and can’t expect your one primary care provider to be able to handle them all. With Forum Health’s integrative and functional approach, our providers can advise for the most appropriate care – whether that be a combination of medication and lifestyle modification or complementary therapies.

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