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Expert Talks: Why More Young Adults Are Getting Colon Cancer & Prevention Tips


Reviewed by William Epperly, MD of Forum Health Bloomingdale

At a Glance:  

  • Watch the Expert Talk with Dr. Clayton Bell and Dr. Bill Epperly as they uncover the key factors driving the surge in colon cancer among young adults.

  • Learn essential screening methods for early detection and better outcomes.

  • Get expert tips from our functional medicine specialists to significantly reduce your risk of colorectal cancer and improve overall gut health.

There’s an alarming new trend among young adults under the age of 50 – a rapid increase in colorectal cancer. And it’s once again, placing gut health in the spotlight. 


Typically associated with older populations, colon cancer is now being diagnosed more frequently in younger individuals. This shift is raising significant concerns and questions about the underlying causes and what prevention strategies can be used to combat this. 


In this BeWell Expert Talk, Forum Health’s functional medicine experts Dr. Clayton Bell and Dr. Bill Epperly delve into the factors contributing to the rise, including diet, lifestyle, and environmental toxins, as well as early screening and holistic solutions.  


In this exclusive expert discussion, you’ll discover:   

  • Why colon cancer rates amongst young adults are exploding 
  • Specific symptoms that should prompt early screening 
  • Primary risk factors for colon cancer and other gut conditions and diseases 
  • The role diet, lifestyle, genetics, family history, and chronic conditions play in colon cancer risk 
  • How functional medicine approaches gut health differently than a conventional approach 

Want to learn more about how Forum Health can help you reduce your colon cancer risk and improve your gut health?

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