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Productivity Secret: Learn to Relax More


By Staff of Forum Health Vienna

Stressed out. Overworked. Under-appreciated.

Do any of these words come up during a typical work day for you? Have you ever found yourself bogged down at work, saddled with five projects, a full inbox and a foot-high stack of papers on your desk, and you have no idea which task should come next? The solution to the overload might surprise you. Ironically, rest proves the key to boosting productivity. Take a look at these three reasons why more R&R is often the recipe for on-the-job success.

1. Get some Z’s.

Less is more, when it comes to hours spent on the job. Over-working actually takes a toll on your performance. In a study of nearly 400 employees, researchers found sleeping less than six hours per night proved one of the best predictors of on-the-job burnout. A good night’s sleep can be the key to finishing that monster-sized project that is bearing down on you.

2. Get out of town.

More vacation days provide the antidote to burnout. According to an internal survey from Ernst & Young, employees who took an additional 10 hours of vacation per year, saw year-end performance ratings from supervisors improve by a whopping eight percent. And, frequent vacationers in the firm were significantly less likely to leave their jobs.

3. Get in some mat time.

Yoga is a great way to center yourself. The best part: You don’t have to go to an expensive studio to practice, as you will find a list of some great relaxation poses here. Journaling is another effective way to regain your focus.

Keep in mind the amount of energy invested in a job is more important than the number of hours you’re parked at a desk. Manage your energy levels more intentionally, and you’ll discover that it’s possible to get more done, in less time. That’s why setting aside ample time for yourself, so you can become the best employee you can be, is a wise investment in your career.