How to Set Your Mindset for Effective Weight-Loss

If we focus on where our current position is, we can get discouraged and feel defeated.   

We know we want more for ourselves, but we can feel frustrated with our present conditions and think that what we truly want isn’t possible. 


However, if we focus on our trajectory—how we are moving through life with the small improvements we are making and where we can go—we are allowing in the space for what can be.  


Our journey through life and the choices we make can ping our trajectory into new heights of success, happiness and peace. The truth is we don’t even know all that can be. It’s like the domino effect of one thing leading to another. 

Unexpected Heights  

Mark Zuckerberg just wanted to connect everyone on the Harvard University campus—not 7 billion people, worldwide. Amazon started off just selling books—not every single product known to man, worldwide. 


I’ve been amazed seeing this with weight loss clients. As they were taking off the weight, their relationship with their children and spouse got better or they got a new partner. They were promoted at work, started a new business or moved to a new city. Their new healthy lifestyle was the foundation that led to so much more. 


Focusing on what you want and what can be is energizing and inspires movement and new choices. 


Final Thoughts  

So where are your eyes looking? In the past at the mistakes you’ve made or down at your feet where you are now? OR are your eyes toward the future, armed with what you know and the strength, courage and curiosity to take steps forward?    

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