DUTCH Test: Understanding Your Hormones Just Got Easier


A woman begins her hormone journey in her formative teenage years and continues on through motherhood, life changes + stresses, menopause and beyond.


At Forum Health, we believe in the importance of providing natural ways to find hormonal balance that allows every woman the opportunity to live her life to the fullest!


All too often, women find themselves searching for relief as they navigate the ups and downs of their changing hormones along with the intense seasons of stress caused by financial responsibilities, schedules, deadlines and raising a family – – just to name a few.


Women are then led to believe that they must rely on antidepressants and medication to get through the day and stay afloat.


Many women come to us after seeing their healthcare provider feeling overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted. Instead of receiving help to better understand what their body is going through and creating a path forward of healing, they’re given medication to mask the symptoms and reassured that they will make them feel better. Women are left feeling unheard, unknown and even more lost.


Marie Curie once said, “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more so that we may fear less.” It’s important to uncover the truth as to why your body is reacting as it does.


At Forum Health, we believe in the importance of being heard and uncovering the unique path to your wellness based on your genetics, physiology + lifestyle so that we are able to begin healing your body holistically – not synthetically. 


In order to identify the symptoms of hormonal imbalances that are unique to each female patient, we measure hormones found in urine through our most advanced hormone test – the DUTCH Test. The results offer an extensive profile of sex and adrenal hormones which allow us to deeper understand your circadian rhythm and hormone production. 


The results provided below in this sample test share incredible insights that give us a detailed roadmap to both heal Jane Doe’s body as well as to prevent future illness.


Jane Doe is:


  • Estrogen Dominant
  • Does Not Ovulate Monthly
  • May Have Issues with Acne, Anger, and Hair Loss
  • Libido is Probably Non-Existent due to Low Testosterone as well as very Low Free Cortisol
  • Dealing with Chronic Stress and Chronic Inflammation
  • Sleep Deprived
  • At Risk for Cancer due to how her Body Metabolizes Estrogen 


With this information, your Forum Health provider can formulate a detailed plan and path forward that is shared in a one-on-one follow up consultation. Each plan is based on your specific needs and ranges in treatments from nutritional counseling, apoptogenic herbs, bio-identical hormone replacement and other unique specialized therapies.


You are unique and your path to wellness should be an intimate reflection of your individual genetics, physiology and lifestyle.


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