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Beat Holiday Fatigue with a Brain Reset


Reviewed by Garrett Seibold, DO of Forum Health Utah

Dreading the end of the year stress, brain fog and low mood? Support your mental and emotional health this holiday season with BrainRx.  


Do you find yourself having issues with discipline and emotional regulation during the holidays? It’s not your fault!  


Many people experience a difficult time staying on track with their goals, managing stress and feeling mentally sharp.  


Prioritizing your mental and emotional health during the holidays is crucial to enjoying the festivities without burning out. If you know that in past years you end up exhausted, stressed, and mentally and emotionally drained – then you need to do something different this year!  


BrainRx: Brain Neurotransmitter Restoration Program  

Many times the fatigue, hypervigilance, stress, poor sleep and cravings you feel are a sign that your brain does not have the neurotransmitters needed to be functioning optimally. Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers in the body that the brain uses to regulate many functions including mood, concentration, sleep and more.  


The bright side is that it is possible to replace these neurotransmitters.  


Hear from Forum Health’s Chief Medical Officer and BrainRx Creator Dr. Shilpa Saxena on why the holidays are the perfect time to reset with BrainRx.  


BrainRx uses amino acid therapy and healthy habit building to get your brain back on track and get you feeling better. Over the course of five weeks, you will optimize your brain’s main functions: think, sleep, pain, pleasure, activity and feeling.  

Ready to feel energized, focused and present this holiday season?