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Anti-Aging Treatments that Actually Work- No Surgery Required!

Looking for minimally invasive treatments that provide lasting results? These are the top skin, hair and body sculpting anti-aging therapies you need to know.

There are several proven and effective ways to feel and look younger. Yet, the first signs of aging are most obvious on the surface: hair, skin and body tone.

Managing the natural aging process is easy with these top, nonsurgical procedures. All require minimal down time, are affordable, and can be done during one visit with your Forum Health provider.

Promote New Hair Growth with Hair Restoration Therapy

A full-head of hair is a top sign of age-defiance for both men and women. While the issue may be genetic, there is a better option than hair transplants and prescription medication.

Hair Restoration Therapy is an innovative treatment to re-grow your own hair with minimal side effects.

Different from other methods of hair restoration, Blood-Derived Growth Factor Hair Restoration Therapy uses platelets from your blood, which contain proteins and growth hormones, to stimulate hair growth naturally.

This is an affordable, hassle-free and non-invasive option to achieve fuller, healthy hair.


Flush Fat Cells with TruSculpt 3D® Body Contouring

Achieve a more toned appearance without surgery or lengthy recovery times. TruSculpt 3D® Body Contouring is a pain-free option to eliminate fat from treated areas in the body.

The TruSculpt 3D® technology uses radio frequency and heat to target and destroy fat cells under the skin, the fat is then processed and eliminated naturally from the body as waste. Areas that can be targeted include: abdomen, flanks, hips, legs, arms, and chin/neck.

You will see noticeable results after just one, 60-minute session of TruSculpt 3D® with your Forum Health provider. From initial treatment, the body continues to break down and eliminate fat cells for the next six-to-eight weeks.

Patients may opt for additional sessions and multiple treatment areas. For best results, consult with your provider.

Flaunt an Elegant Profile with KYBELLA®

Self-conscious about your profile due to a double chin? With age, it is common for fat to accumulate below the chin and appear to sag, lessening the tone and shape of your jaw line.

KYBELLA® is a fast and effective treatment used to eliminate that submental fat, or double chin. This medication is administered as an injection with minimal pain and recovery time.

The active ingredient in KYBELLA®, synthetic deoxycholic acid, aids the body in breaking down and absorbing dietary fat. When injected, the medication destroys fat cells so they can no-longer store or accumulate fat, leading to long-lasting results.


No Surgery Needed for a Face Lift with MINT™ PDO Thread Lift

Reduce smile lines, lift eye contour and define your jawline without surgery. MINT™ PDO Thread Lift is an immediate and cost-effective alternative to a face lift.

Your Forum Health provider will sculpt and lift your face to eliminate the signs of aging by placing a medical-grade barbed suture, made from a dissolving complex sugar polydioxanone or PDO, under the skin and pulling it tight.

The results are immediate with minimal recovery time involved. Results from a MINT™ PDO Thread Lift last a few years and may delay a more invasive procedure.

If you’ve been considering a face lift but want a less-invasive approach, book a consult with your Forum Health provider to learn more about the MINT™ PDO Thread Lift.


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Partnering with your Forum Health provider to maintain a youthful appearance is part of the holistic approach to anti-aging. How you feel on the insides should reflect how you look on the outside!

These are only a few of the non-surgical anti-aging treatment options available at Forum Health. For a full list of specialties, conditions and treatment options for anti-aging, click here.