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5 Realities of Healthy Aging

To age well, it’s important to see your doctor regularly and make wise lifestyle choices. Every day, you should be mindful of these five realities:

Our world is filled with toxins.

Toxins are in our environment, as well as in everything we eat and drink.

Thankfully, in most cases, cleaning toxins out of your body is easy and quick. It just takes a low-allergen diet limited to clean chicken and fish, healthy portions of green vegetables, tea, and a cleansing detox powder like Inwell Biosciences’ Complete Cleanse.

For those with constipation, adding Colon Ease works great. And for those with gastrointestinal (GI) issues, adding Total Reset can reestablish a healthy gut.

Only whole, natural foods are healthy.

Seek toxin-free vegetables, nuts, fruit, meat, and seeds. Even those must be clean or organic and come from a trusted source. If you can’t look at a food and immediately identify what it’s made of, you shouldn’t be eating it.

Grains? Forget them — all of them. Dairy? Not even in your coffee. Processed foods? The bane of your existence. Throw away everything you’ve heard on commercials; anything in a bottle, bag, or box is probably processed death.

Your body needs to move.

When you slow down, your body slows down. Mixing workouts is best — run, lift, balance, and stretch every day for at least an hour. And if you can avoid it, don’t sit during the day for longer than 15 minutes at a time.

Hormones can get unbalanced.

As you age, your thyroid gland makes less thyroid hormone. Your pancreas makes less insulin to manage blood sugar and fewer enzymes to dissolve food. Ovaries produce less estrogen and testicles, less testosterone. Adrenal glands make less DHEA.

All the anabolics that build you up decline, while the catabolics that tear you down (cortisol) stay high well into your 80s. Balance is essential!

You must protect your sleep.

Sleep gives your body time to heal itself. Your mind also needs a break to process all the information you’ve taken in throughout the day. That’s important work!

But most people are sleep-deprived. And in many cases, your body can’t sleep until your hormones, exercise, detox, and nutrition are in order.

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