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Hair Loss in Women


Hair Loss in Women is More Common Than You May Realize. Fortunately, it Doesn’t Have to be Permanent. Hair loss in women is as simple as it sounds: you experience an unexpected and heavy loss of hair. And while most people think hair loss happens mostly for men, that’s not the case: More than 50% […]

Measure Reflex Response Time with Thyroflex Thyroid Testing


Blood tests alone have shown not to catch all Thyroid disorders, reflex testing with Thyroflex improves your chance of an accurate diagnosis. Weight gain, fatigue, dry skin and brittle nails are subtle signs that your thyroid could be off. Has your doctor told you that all of your blood work has come back “normal” or […]

Masterclass: Combating Hair Loss – The Thyroid and Gut Health Connection

hair-loss-treatment-restoration-thinning-hair you seeing more hair than usual stuck in the drain or on your hairbrush? Are you noticing thinning or patchiness, but don’t know what could be the cause? In this masterclass, Connie Casebolt, MD, MPH of Forum Health Greenville and Kamila Fiore, APRN-C of Forum Health Asheville break down hair loss and hair thinning […]

Easily Misdiagnosed Thyroid Symptoms Are Not Normal


It has been estimated that around 20 million Americans have some form of thyroid disorder and 60 percent of those people are unaware of their condition. Why is that? Thyroid problem symptoms such as hair loss or thinning, fatigue, weight gain, fragile fingernails etc., are easily misdiagnosed. Left untreated, there is a higher risk of […]

Thyroid Dysfunction: 7 Diagnostic Factors Your Doctor Isn’t Checking


Reviewed by Dr. Wally Taylor of Forum Health Austin Millions of Americans suffer from some sort of thyroid dysfunction. What’s shocking is that most people don’t even know it! The American Thyroid Association estimates that one in eight women will develop a thyroid disorder in her lifetime.   In our clinic we see patients daily […]

13 Signs of A Thyroid Problem and What To Do About It


Thyroid disease affects around 20 million Americans, and 1 in 8 women will experience a thyroid issue in her lifetime. Thyroid issues are so common that they can be treated with disregard.   However, if your thyroid isn’t functioning properly, nothing in your body will. This master gland located in your neck controls many facets […]

Nutrition Tips to Improve Thyroid Function for Full Body Health


Reviewed by Kimberly Cabe, FNP-BC of Forum Health Clarkston The thyroid gland contributes to almost every function in the body. This butterfly shaped gland located behind the Adam’s apple, releases a hormone that is responsible for regulating the metabolism of every cell in the body. This effects brain function, cholesterol levels, body temperature, the cardiovascular system, the nervous […]

Warning Signs You May Have a Thyroid Issue


There are several telling signs that your thyroid may have an imbalance. Learn what they are and what you can do to rebalance your thyroid naturally. The thyroid is responsible for regulating many of the body’s essential functions, yet the signs of imbalance can go undetected easily.   Knowing what to look out for, such […]

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the Role of Thyroid Hormones


By Staff of Forum Health Knoxville According to the CDC, between 836,000 and 2.5 million people live with chronic fatigue syndrome, yet many do not receive an official diagnosis or adequate treatment due to the ill-defined nature of the condition. Characterized by extreme fatigue, impaired functioning, and sleep disturbances which are not improved by rest […]

I Think I May Have a Thyroid Problem


Reviewed by Kimberly Cabe, FNP-BC of Forum Health Rochester Hills Almost everyone with significant fatigue or extra weight around their middle has thought at one time or another, “I wonder if I have an “underactive thyroid?” We all know that the thyroid is important for metabolism, but few people realize that thyroid hormone is vital for our survival […]