FLINT, Mich.July 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Forum Health, LLC, a nationwide provider of personalized functional and integrative medicine, has partnered with Nuview Nutrition, a functional medicine practice based in Clarkston, MI, who works with clients to reverse and delay chronic illness and brain disease through customized nutrition.

Nuview Nutrition specializes in thyroid disorders, hormone imbalances, weight management, food sensitivities, digestive disorders, immune disorders, chronic fatigue, cognitive decline reversal through treatment plans that address the root cause of disease rather than only treating the symptoms.

“Nuview Nutrition’s functional medicine approach to health care and their passion for connecting with and educating their clients align fully with Forum Health. We are delighted to have them join our continuously growing network of like-minded medical practices,” said Forum Health President, Adam Puttkammer.

Led by Cindy Crandell R.N., C.N., a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine, Nuview Nutrition works closely with their patients to help them achieve optimal health through functional and holistic medicine. Crandell and her team of experts offer a wide range of individualized treatments that reverse underlying issues, as well as alternative and complementary modalities including reflexology, nutritional coaching, ZYTO Bio-Communication scanning for addressing food sensitivities and perception reframing, body composition analysis and further functional medicine lab testing.

“Our mission to educate, empower and heal the body from within aligns with Forum Health’s vision of wellness. The opportunity to add to our services with IV therapy and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy will only increase our arsenal of options for our clients,” said Crandell. “We are excited to join and grow with Forum Health while seamlessly continuing to serve our existing clients in Clarkston and the surrounding areas.”

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