FLINT, Mich., Sept. 2, 2021- Forum Health Greenville, has acquired a BTL EMSELLA™ device, the latest technology in intimate health for women and incontinence recovery. 

“We are excited about this new technology in one of our Forum Health medical offices,” said Phil Hagerman, CEO of Forum Health. “Dr. Casebolt works diligently to provide her patients with treatments that will help them recover in a safe and effective manner while leveraging the latest technologies.”   

This innovative device is a breakthrough treatment used in-office to aid those suffering from incontinence, lack of voluntary control over urination and elimination. It is a completely non-invasive treatment option administered under the supervision of a medical provider during 30-minute sessions, making it easy, comfortable and convenient for patients to complete.  

The device is similar to a typical bucket chair that a patient will sit in and they are able to stay fully clothed while the treatment is underway. The BTL EMSELLA™ stimulates contractions of the pelvic floor and patients may feel a slight tingling sensation during the treatment. Positive results may be noticed after the first session and are likely to continue in the weeks following.  

“The BTL EMSELLA™ is phenomenal,” said Dr. Connie Casebolt. “Patients come in, sit on the chair and relax while it works during their session – there is really nothing else like it. And the best part, there is no downtime after sessions!”  

The BTL EMSELLA™is FDA approved in women to reverse urinary incontinence, however, also likely effective in men. Additional benefits include aiding with prostate issues, tightening of the vaginal walls and improving orgasms for women. A patients’ typical treatment plan is 30-minute sessions, twice a week for about six sessions, however, a provider will tailor a specific treatment plan for each patient.  

For more information on the BTL EMSELLA™ and Forum Health Greenville, visit forumhealthgreenville.com

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