Salt Lake City, UT — Sept. 3, 2019 — Forum Health LLC has acquired Texas Integrative Medicine, a functional healthcare practice based in Austin, Texas.

Forum Health unites practitioners nationwide who share a root-cause approach to personalized healthcare. Member benefits include year-round provider consultations, health coaching, and access to a virtual network of collaborative specialists. Care plans — informed by lifestyle, environment, and genetics — are built around each patient’s unique health goals.

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The Austin practice is led by Wally Taylor, MD, who brings more than 35 years of physician experience. Dr. Taylor is certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology and the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

“Dr. Taylor and his team have spent years helping patients fix the underlying causes of their unique health and wellness issues,” said co-CEO Craig Weston. “At Forum Health, that’s what we’re all about.”

Weston said Taylor brings valuable expertise in chronic disease.

“Most long-standing illness is the sum of genetic makeup plus environmental stresses,” Taylor said. “We believe the body has a natural capacity to heal itself. By eliminating manmade and biological toxins that get in the way — as well as committing to a healthier lifestyle — people can significantly improve their health.”

Taylor said he’s excited to push this integrative approach forward through collaboration with Forum Health’s network of like-minded peers.

About Forum Health

Forum Health LLC is a nationwide provider of personalized healthcare. Steeped in the powerful principles of functional and integrative medicine, Forum Health providers take a root-cause approach to care. They listen and dig deep — exploring lifestyle, environment, and genetics to help each patient achieve their health goals. Members have access to advanced medical treatments and technology, with care plans informed by data analytics and collaborative relationships. To learn more, visit