6 Ways to Fuller, Healthier Hair

Millions of men and women suffer from hair loss each year. Your hair health affects your self-esteem and it is very distressing to find clumps of hair falling out, to notice your part is getting wider, or even worse, to see bald spots emerging.   There are numerous factors that can cause hair loss. And […]

Testosterone – It’s Not Just For Sex!

By Jon Sterngold, MD of Forum Health Santa Rosa Men often become interested in testosterone replacement therapy when they experience ‘losing it’, or other variations on waning sex drive and erectile competence. When these symptoms are accompanied and almost certainly caused by low levels of this hormone as measured by laboratory testing, we can easily […]

Hormone Testing and Testosterone Therapy Options for Men

By Staff of Forum Health Las Colinas Hormone Imbalances don’t just affect women. Know the signs for Men. Forum Health offers bioidentical hormones for men as well as for women. It’s more common to associate hormone replacement therapy with women, especially because women’s hormone levels fluctuate and wane so significantly as they enter the menopausal […]

Is TRT Right for You? Learn More About Testosterone Therapy

By Staff of Forum Health West Bloomfield Testosterone is a crucial hormone responsible for regulating your sex drive, fat distribution, endurance, and more. When your testosterone levels fall, you may experience negative effects that make carrying out your daily activities difficult, and just not feel like yourself. Here’s a rundown on why you may benefit […]

Leading Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

By Staff of Forum Health Rochester Hills With the popularity that bioidentical hormone treatment has received over the past several years, many men women find themselves asking if hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is right for them. HRT is a powerful antiaging method that can be customized to each patient, ensuring that every individual receives the […]

Understanding Low T and How it Affects Your Health

By Staff of Forum Health Rochester Hills Fluctuating hormone levels is one of the most common ailments to develop with age. It will affect both men and women, most typically starting after the age of 40. When hormone fluctuations start and how drastic they are depends on a lot of different factors, from your genetic […]

What is Hormone Balancing?

By Staff of Leigh Ann Scott, MD, A Forum Health Provider Hormone balancing can often help to relieve a host of unwanted symptoms. But it takes some work to achieve this when they are out of balance. So what does hormone balancing consist of?   The endocrine system consists of various glands throughout the body […]

Estrogen Dominance Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

By Staff of Leigh Ann Scott, MD, A Forum Health Provider Estrogen Dominance is a condition that occurs when the ratio between estrogen and progesterone is imbalanced. Normally, these two hormones perform a delicate dance together, with estrogen being the “builder” or “initiator” and progesterone being the “balancer” or “protector.”   For example, during the […]

Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Women

By Staff of Leigh Ann Scott, MD, A Forum Health Provider Low testosterone in women is much more common than most people realize. Generally, when people think of testosterone they associate it with men. But for women, waning levels can be equally distressing. Testosterone is one of the three sex hormones along with Estrogen and […]

Perimenopause and Menopause: Symptoms, Hormones and Treatment Options

By Staff of Leigh Ann Scott M.D., A Forum Health Provider Wish you could hit the “pause” button on perimenopause and menopause? It’s no coincidence that these occur around the time that midlife starts. We have all heard the term, “midlife crisis,” which can seem to happen as our bodies begin to go through the […]