5 Ways That Stress Affects Brain Health and Speeds Up Aging

By Staff of Forum Health Rochester Hills Stress is any source of external pressure that weighs upon another object. The stress we deal with in our lives often manifests both physically and mentally, breaking down our bodies, our minds and overall health. Stress also significantly affects our brains, contributing to symptoms like brain fog, difficulties […]

Best Defense Against Stress During The Holidays – 5 Easy Steps

By Cindy Crandell, RN, CN of Forum Health Clarkston Stress can play havoc on our mind and body. On our worst days, when stresses and demands seem relentless how would you characterize the way you react? Calm, cool and collected?  Or are you irritable, easily agitated and ready to explode?  When you reflect back on […]

Create Comforting Aromas for the Home

By Naomi Martoia, RN of Forum Health Rochester Hills Every store I enter is full of artificial scents in candles, aerosol sprays, wax melts and perfume. Aromas do create a certain feel and ambiance that we all hope to experience in our homes, but those of us who want to reduce environmental chemicals in our […]

Is Chronic Stress Affecting Your Health?

By Staff of Forum Health Clarkston Everyone experiences stress at one time or another, but chronic stress and how that stress is perceived, can be detrimental to your physical and mental health. It can instigate feelings of anxiety and overwhelming fear.   As of this past year, nearly 80% of Americans report stress-related health issues. […]

Yoga Provides Mental and Physical Benefits

By Staff of Forum Health Rochester Hills Just the thought of exercise can be tiring. Common workouts like running and weightlifting leave us sore and exhausted, even if the feeling is satisfying. The “no pain, no gain” mentality is widespread at the gym, suggesting that it’s impossible to build your fitness without putting your body […]

Overcoming Holiday Stress

By William Epperly, MD, FAAFP of Forum Health Bloomingdale De-stress during the holiday craziness Around the holidays, the hustle and bustle of the season can turn a season of peace and joy into a time of wanting to pull your hair out!   But over the years, I have accumulated a list of action steps […]

The Best Ways to Manage Stress

By Dr. Catherine Waller Stress is pervasive. It affects absolutely everyone, knowing no boundaries. While a small amount of stress can actually motivate you to take positive action in your life, too much stress can weigh on you like an illness. In fact, stress does contribute to several types of mental health disorders, including anxiety […]