Building and Maintaining a Healthy Body at Mid-Life


By Jane Kennedy, CFNP, MN, MPH of Forum Health Santa Rosa One thing that all of us want is to be in good health with plenty of vitality! At mid-life, when hormonal changes usually emerge, we have this wonderful opportunity to re-evaluate how we are doing and to make changes to course-correct and keep that […]

5 Reasons to Make Sure Your Diet is Rich in Fiber

Reviewed by Dianne Hinton, NP, PA of Forum Health Modesto All this talk about nutrients and you most likely never think about fiber. For most people, it’s natural to focus on calories, especially when you’re planning to shed some weight or build lean muscle, and on macronutrients to ensure proper dietary balance in your menu.   But […]

The Importance of Gut Health for Beauty and Wellbeing

By Staff of Forum Health Modesto One of the pillars of functional medicine is that we look at our health as a holistic network of intricate factors, not just isolated health issues or symptoms and consequences. Functional medicine recognizes that the individual aspects of your health as well as the relationships between them play different […]

Food and Gut Health – How Your Nutrition Affects Your Gut Microbiome

By Staff of Forum Health Modesto Did you know that you’re sharing your body with many different microorganisms, among which you’ll find bacteria of all sorts? Most of them are located in your digestive tract, they make up your gut microbiome, and their primary roles are to help your body absorb the nutrients from food, prevent […]

Pumpkin Detox Shake

By Carolyn Burris of Forum Health Knoxville Fall brings an abundance of gourds and flavorful crop. Pumpkin is one of the many colorful vegetables that is plentiful this time of year. Not only is pumpkin a good source of fiber, but the color is a great indication that it is rich in beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is […]

The Vicious Cycle of Sugar Addiction and Yeast Overgrowth

By Staff of Forum Health Knoxville The fall season conjures up images of pumpkin pies, hot biscuits, and steaming lattes. Sweet aromas tempt even the staunchest convert from sugar! For those who struggle with a sugar addiction, this can be the start of another vicious cycle of weight gain, depression, muscle aches, indigestion, and fatigue. […]

Cinnamon: The Super Spice!

By Staff of Forum Health Knoxville Cinnamon has long been known for its health and healing properties. Benefits include anti-clotting actions, anti-microbial and fungal activity as well as blood sugar control. Many people have the stubborn yeast called Candida. Cinnamon has been found to help stop the growth of this nasty fungus. Among it’s many […]

Healthy Fat Intake May Improve Overall Health

By Curtis of Forum Health Rochester Hills Dietary fat has been given a bad rap: some say it makes us fat, contributes to heart disease, and leads to diabetes. Others claim saturated fat is bad but vegetable oils are good. What’s the truth? While certain fats can contribute to these conditions, the right fats can […]

Eating At Restaurants More Often? Here’s How to Keep it Healthy

By Curtis of Forum Health Coppell Social situations are typically planned around food. Food brings us together allowing us to bond and have that comfort. However, if you find yourself eating at restaurants or attending happy hours with co-workers more than you eat at home, this could lead to weight gain and other health problems […]

Think Ahead: Tips for Setting Your Weight Loss Goals

Reviewed by Kimberly Cabe, FNP-BC of Forum Health Rochester Hills Without the right planning in place, you might feel a bit like a hamster in a wheel when you think about reaching your goals. You know you want to lose weight so you eat right and attempt to exercise as often as you can, but somehow you always […]