I Think I May Have a Thyroid Problem

By Dr. Catherine Waller of Forum Health Rochester Hills Almost everyone with significant fatigue or extra weight around their middle has thought at one time or another, “I wonder if I have an “underactive thyroid?” We all know that the thyroid is important for metabolism, but few people realize that thyroid hormone is vital for […]

Thyroid Illness: What You Need To Know

By Dr. William Epperly of Forum Health Bloomingdale You’re tired all the time, gaining weight, constipated, losing your hair, can’t think straight, and feeling depressed. You wonder if maybe you have a thyroid problem because you have heard that thyroid hormone has something to do with your metabolism and energy. So you go to a […]

A Functional Medicine Approach to Thyroid Health

Almost every single function in our body requires thyroid hormones from breathing and heart rate to the central nervous system and metabolism. But when your thyroid hormones become imbalanced, symptoms like weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, hair loss and more start to kick in.   And this may sound all too familiar if you’ve been […]