Shilpa P. Saxena, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Globally recognized expert and leader in lifestyle medicine, cardiometabolic health, hormone disorders, autoimmune conditions, and clinical nutrition.

Shilpa P. Saxena, MD, IFMCP is a Board-Certified family physician whose passion and purpose come to life through an uncompromising dedication to the ‘health’ and ‘care’ aspects of healthcare.  

Beyond continuing to practice as a Medical Director of Forum Health Tampa, Dr. Saxena serves as Chief Medical Officer at Forum Health. Dr. Saxena serves as Faculty with the Institute for Functional Medicine, as well as faculty roles with the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine, Faculty, George Washington University’s Metabolic Medicine Institute, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine’s Department of Family Medicine and Community Health and Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (Lima, Perú). 

Through her Self Care Collective online workshop series, she continues to marry the science of healing with the art of patient education and empowerment.

Dr. Saxena is internationally known for her contributions to the development and institution of the lifestyle-based group medical appointment model with her Group Visit Toolkits and has been awarded for her work with her online patient education platform, Living Wellness University.  

Dr. Saxena graduated from the University of Florida College of Medicine through the prestigious Junior Honors Medical Program. She completed her Family Practice residency training at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Jacksonville, Florida while serving as Chief Resident and receiving additional Certification in Low-Risk Obstetrics.


The Blood-Pressure Lowdown | Experience Life

Dr. Saxena shares the functional medicine perspective on managing blood pressure: Hypertension isn’t a disease. It’s a clue that something’s not functioning properly in the body.

Health Hacks Podcast | Mark L. White

Dr. Saxena talks detox. Treat your organs like an employee: Only work them 8 hours per day, and give them time to rest.



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