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Kam Neal, PA-C

Physician Assistant Kam Neal has loved medicine her entire life. She grew up in Colorado, and as a child, she remembers being fascinated with investigating how things worked. Throughout her career as a physician assistant, Kam has enjoyed working in several specialties within the medical field. She has worked in family medicine, cardiology, urgent care, and as a clinical assistant professor, where she learned she loved to teach. In the traditional medical model, Kam felt frustrated working in a high-volume practice with barely enough time to refill medications and not seeing her patients feel any better.


In addition, her own experience with hormone imbalances after having children and being told “everything is normal” fueled those feelings. This led her to functional medicine and an optimal wellness model. Kam’s desire to treat the whole patient and not just the symptoms, along with her passion for teaching, is evident. She loves working with each patient to find the root cause of their illness while teaching them about their health so they feel informed and empowered.



  • Bachelor of Science at Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, Oklahoma
  • Master’s Degree in Health Services at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center



Hormone Health | Weight Loss | Gut Health, Longevity and Regenerative Medicine | Women’s Health | Sexual Health


To schedule an appointment with Kam please contact the Las Colinas office by calling (972) 589-1677.

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