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"Dr. Bell truly listens to and cares about his patients. He thinks outside the box to really get down to the root of the problem."

Dr. Clayton Bell combines cutting edge Functional, Environmental, and Integrative Medicine treatments with holistic lifestyle recommendations and ancient healing traditions from Ayurvedic Medicine. This allows patients to be seen and heard on physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual levels. He believes the common thread to optimizing vitality and health lies with empowering, encouraging, and engaging the person to heal themselves from the inside out. 



  • Integrative Medicine Fellowship at University of Kansas Medical Center
  • Family Medicine Residency at Central Maine Medical Center
  • Medical School at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences



Lyme and Tickborne Illnesses, Chronic Viral Infections, SOT, RGCC, Integrative Oncology, Semaglutide Weight Loss, Cardiometabolic Conditions, GI Disorders, Autoimmunity, Neuroendocrine Hormonal Imbalance, Psychoimmunology



To schedule an appointment with Dr. Clayton Bell please contact the Asheville office by calling  (828) 252-9833.



  • Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner (IFMCP)
  • American Board of Integrative Medicine
  • American Board of Family Medicine
  • ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society) LLMD
  • National Association of Environmental Medicine
  • Environmental Medicine Education International Certification Training (currently enrolled)
  • Society of Integrative Oncology
  • National Ayurvedic Medical Association
  • North Carolina Integrative Medicine Society
  • RGCC Accredited Practitioner


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  • Society of Integrative Oncology 2019 International Conference: New Investigator Forum oral presentation (Colorectal Adenocarcinoma: Nutrition, Microbiome, and Immunology) and two Poster Presentations (Appalachia Breast Cancer and Ayurveda Prakruti).
  • Bell, C., Deiss T., Whitney J., Deiss, T., Tatarinova T., Franckle, L., Beaven S., Davis J.  The Effect of the MNRI Method on Neurotransmitter Biomarkers of Individuals with Neurodevelopmental Disorders.  Neuroscience & Medicine, 2019, 10, 292-321.     
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  • National Ayurvedic Medical Association 2018 Conference: Oral and Poster Presentations.
  • Bell C, Heidel R, Sunega J, Drisko J. (2017) Can Ayurvedic Prakruti Provide Invaluable Insights into Integrative Medicine? Ayurveda Journal of Health. 15(3): 27-34.
  • Bell CW, Brown AH.  Gender and other social effects in people’s perceptions of domesticated animals. University of Arkansas Undergraduate Discovery Journal.  2007 Oct; 8 (Fall 2007): 19-28.2015





  • Society of Integrative Oncology New Investigator Award (October 2019).
  • Maine Hospitalist Association Caregiver of the Year Award (June 2015).
  • Rumford Hospital Physician Heroes Award (July 2014).       
  • President’s Volunteer Service Award (December 2014. Signed by President Barack Obama).                                            
  • State of Maryland Governor’s Citation (September 10, 2012).
  • Exceptional Humanitarianism with Haitian Relief Effort Award.   Presented by Arkansas Secretary of State, Mark Martin (May 2011).
  • Certificate of Congratulations for Humanitarian Service.  Given by US Congressman, Tim Griffin (May 2011).
  • UAMS College of Medicine Alumni Association Senior Community Service Award (May 2010).


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