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Salt Lake City, UT — Sept. 25, 2019 — Forum Health LLC has welcomed life and vitality coach Erica Lemke-Pembroke to help patients increase their sexual health and confidence.


Forum Health is a nationwide provider of personalized healthcare.


Lemke-Pembroke’s book, Feel Sexy Again: The Ultimate Guide to Reclaiming Your Sexual Confidence, is available on Amazon. The Utah-based author will lead a conversation about body confidence and vitality at Forum’s Let’s Talk About Sexual Health event Oct. 3.


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“Normal life events like childcare, aging, and hormone changes take a toll,” said co-chief medical officer Andrew Petersen, MD. “This makes it hard for people to feel happy with their bodies and their sexuality. Erica’s down-to-earth approach helps people reconnect with their partners and — most importantly — feel comfortable in their own skin.”


Lemke-Pembroke guides patients through eight steps for regaining confidence, based on her background in neuroscience, positive psychology, kinesiology, and gerontology.


“I’m so proud to join Forum Health,” Lemke-Pembroke said. “For years, my passion has been helping women be their most authentic and sexually confident selves. Forum Health is helping thousands of patients find optimal wellness. And certainly, confidence and sexuality are an important part of health.”


Erica earned her Master of Arts in community counseling, with a concentration in marriage and family therapy, from Sonoma State University. She’s also a certified life coach — with specialty licensing in wellness coaching and strategic planning through the New Life Story®️ training program.


About Forum Health

Forum Health LLC is a nationwide provider of personalized healthcare. Steeped in the powerful principles of functional and integrative medicine, Forum Health providers take a root-cause approach to care. They listen and dig deep — exploring lifestyle, environment, and genetics to help each patient achieve their health goals. Members have access to advanced medical treatments and technology, with care plans informed by data analytics and collaborative relationships. To learn more, visit