Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders Treatments at Forum Health

Quality sleep is the basis of optimal health and lack of quality sleep is at the root of many common health issues. There are approximately 80 different types of sleep disorders. The top ones are: insomnia, sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome and narcolepsy. These disorders can lead to other medical problems and some can even be symptoms for underlying mental health issues.

Our American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) Certified provider goes beyond sleep studies to get to the root of your sleep-related issues. 

Sleep disorders are not only physiological in nature, but are increasingly fueled by our society. Sleep deprivation, long work hours, over-commitment in our personal and professional lives, over-eating, screen time, fast food, lack of routine exercise, cell phones, and use of caffeinated coffee and energy drinks to compensate for our persistent fatigue and sleeplessness all play a role. Once root causes are determined, we’ll work together to create a plan of action. We want to help you sleep better and improve your quality of life. 

Forum Health Treatments

IV Therapy

Whether you’re run down and need a boost, suffering from chronic fatigue or Lyme disease, or undergoing cancer treatment, IV Therapy is a powerful, proven tool in improving health.   By bypassing the gut and going straight into the bloodstream, IV Therapy delivers a potent dose of energizing, immune-boosting nutrients, helping your body repair at […]

Testosterone Pellet Therapy – TRT Therapy

Forum Health balances testosterone through pellets implanted under the skin for safe and effective delivery.

Diet & Nutrition Counseling

One-size-fits-all and fad diets just don’t work. Your body has unique nutritional needs. Forum Health will help you tailor your food intake to meet them.

Dietary Supplements – Nutraceuticals

Forum Health offers professional-grade dietary supplements through our nutrition science company, Inwell Biosciences.

Vital NAD+ Therapy

Forum Health uses NAD+ amino acid therapy to support biochemical reactions key to healthy aging: DNA and cellular repair, energy production, and more.


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