Hair Loss

Hair loss can be an embarrassing issue. Male and female pattern hair loss is a genetic problem that can leave you feeling helpless. Options, like prescription drugs, are often partially effective and carry the potential for unwanted side effects. Now there is an affordable way to improve your hair density without surgery or harmful side effects.


Blood-derived growth factors
Blood-derived growth factors are molecules that contain proteins and growth factors vital to initiating and accelerating the body’s natural reparative processes. This ground-breaking biotechnology has shown promise in the healing of soft-tissue, ligaments, tendons and bones, in promoting the development of new blood vessels, activating new collagen formation, and stimulating the wound healing process. We now are applying it to hair, skin and sexual rejuvenation.


How does it work?
Platelets contain healing growth factors. Those growth factors are like signal callers that give instructions to your tissue to regenerate and multiply.

  • Step One: A special collection tube is used to draw your blood and is placed into a centrifuge.
  • Step Two: After 10 minutes of centrifugation, the platelets are concentrated and drawn up into a syringe.
  • Step Three: Using a small needle, the platelets are then injected into area that needs improvement on your scalp.


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