Keeping up with Your Vitamin D Needs as Seasons Change

By Staff of Forum Health Modesto Pumpkin spice lattes, cinnamon rolls, mulled wine, warm yellow and orange hues all over, Thanksgiving – who doesn’t love fall, right? As festive and romantic as this season can be, we often face a whole slew of potential issues, starting with seasonal affective disorder for some, while others struggle with one […]

The Importance of Achieving Optimal Levels of Vitamin D for Overall Health

Understanding the function of vitamin D in the body and why you should be striving for an optimal level, not just “normal”. Vitamin D has long been referred to as the sunshine vitamin, since it is made in the body when the skin is exposed to UV rays. Or as important for people at risk […]

Is a Vitamin B Supplement Right for You?

By Staff of Forum Health Rochester Hills Are you getting enough B vitamins? B vitamins are vital to many of the body’s most important functions, yet despite their availability in certain foods, many people still don’t get enough to maximize their health benefits. Unlike other vitamins that are unique to themselves, there are a total […]