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Mold Toxicity Symptoms

Toxic Mold Exposure Symptoms

Black mold toxins can suppress the immune system

Microfungi, i.e. mold, produces mycotoxins, which can wreak havoc on essentially any system in the body, leading to a confusing malaise of chronic symptoms, from headaches and allergies to autoimmune conditions.


Mold toxins can suppress the immune system, damage and kill cells, cause cancer and birth defects, and impair mitochondrial function and the nervous system. Mold-related illnesses are often difficult to pinpoint, since few conventional physicians are trained to recognize or treat them.


At Forum Health Mequon, our integrative physicians are experts at diagnosing and treating mold poisoning symptoms. Through research-backed tests, cutting-edge detox methods, and other therapies that strengthen the immune system, we’ll guide you back to good health.


First steps to treating toxic mold

The first step in treating mold illness is to completely eliminate on-going exposure to additional mycotoxins (and other toxins such as man-made that may be contributing to disease as well). Once toxin exposure has stopped, it is then necessary to assist the body to eliminate (“detox”) these harmful substances. We employ modern diagnostic tests at Forum Health including a test that measures very small amounts of mycotoxins in the urine. With appropriate management, individuals can recover from mold illness and symptoms disappear.

Mold may contribute to other diseases

Mold illness mimics many other chronic illnesses and in fact may contribute to many other diseases such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, hormonal disorders, anxiety, depression, sleep disorder, autoimmune disease, irritable bowel syndrome. The list of other diseases and symptoms may mimic other environmental illnesses including chronic persistent Lyme disease and other persisting infections. Patients with mold illness may have other environmental toxicants at the same time, which is often seen.

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Do you suspect that you have been exposed to toxic mold or are experiencing symptoms of mold illness?