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Vienna, VA

Advanced Peptides for Wellness, Healing and Restoration

Heal and Restore with Advanced Peptides in Vienna, VA

Peptides are specialized medications that have very targeted actions at the cellular level and maintain a great safety profile and minimal contraindications making them great for wellness, healing and restoration.  We are seeing great results in the clinic and all peptides are supported by sound clinical data. 

Here are the key points to understand about peptides:

  • Able to target a single receptor on specific tissues with great specificity

  • Not able to be metabolized in the liver or kidney so you don’t have metabolism type drug interactions.

  • They are selective for the exact effect you want without any collateral concerns.


For several years, we have been using Sermorelin, GHRP2 and GHRP 6 peptides to increase growth hormone levels and help with retaining the benefits of higher growth hormone levels. 


Peptides We Use + Their Benefits

Melanotan II

Provides safe tanning of the skin and has the “side effect” of enhancing sexual arousal in men and women.


Enhances sexual arousal in men and women and treats erectile dysfunction in men. Bremelanotide is from the same molecule as Melanotan II, but it was changed to avoid the tanning effect.

CJC1295/ Ipamorelin/ Sermorelin

Increases growth hormone levels and IGF-1, promotes fat loss and muscle gain, improves energy and sexual performance, produces healthy and more youthful looking skin, hair and nails.

Anyone over 40 years of age would benefit from one of these peptides since growth hormone levels start declining in the early 40’s and continue that decline through the golden years without support.


Results from clinical trials have shown that 0.5 mg of tesofensine per day safely and effectively induces weight loss in obese patients. The reduction in body weight was associated with a significant improvement in weight-related quality of life. In one 24-week study, the 0.5 mg dose of Tesofensine produced weight loss of 10.4%, so think 25 lbs. off a 250 lbs. person.

Thymosin α1

Restores and modulates immune function by augmenting T-cell function. This is useful for patients with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) and/or Lyme disease to help regulate the immune system and increase Melanocylte-Stimulating Hormone (MSH) levels.


Accelerates healing of damaged ligaments and tendons to bone injuries. Protects organs and prevents ulcers of the stomach. BPC-157 acts systemically in the digestive tract to combat leaky gut, IBS, cramps, and Crohn’s disease.

"Love it. It works great for tanning..I had no side effects at all…It gives you a pretty brown color."
Forum Health Vienna Patient
On using Melanotan II

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