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Vienna, VA

Blind Spot Detection Preventative Approach in Vienna, VA

Blind Spot Detection Preventative Approach in Vienna, VA

Optimizing every aspect of health to help you achieve the most vitality for your age, biochemistry and genetics!

Unexpected medical issues can be costly and disruptive with serious long-term impacts on your wellness. By getting a big picture of your health and looking at critical markers, we can detect imbalances to catch health issues before they arise.


We first start by addressing your primary health concerns. After that is well managed, we implement the Blind Spot Detection Preventative Approach focusing on four key areas, one quarter of the year at a time, to address your health “blind spots”.


Four Areas of Blind Spot Detection

Each quarter comes with specific evaluations and recommended tests based on your unique needs and goals.

Quarter 1: Cardiovascular Health

• Advanced Lipid Profile and Fatty Acids
• Calcium Score
• Advanced Cardiovascular (CV) Markers
• Carotid Intima-Media Thickness (CIMT) Test

Quarter 2: Cognitive Health

• Neuro/Psych Panel • Neural Zoomer Automimmune Marker Test • Cognitive Evaluation (50+) Baseline

Quarter 3: Food Sensitivities and Micronutrient Evaluation

• Nutrigen and Micronutrient Panels
• Wheat and Food Sensitivity Panels

Quarter 4: Immune and Gut Health

• Detoxification
• Heavy Metals and Total Toxic Load Tests
• Parasite Test and Tick-borne Illness Panel
• Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) markers
• Immunity TH1/TH2 Balance Test

Patient Example:

If a patient has a coronary calcium score over 100, their cardiovascular risk is elevated.  If the score is zero, the patient has low probability of a cardiovascular issues. However, if a patient has a calcium score > 400, there is a significantly increased probability of a current or future cardiovascular issue.  Addressing this issue when it’s trending the wrong way is the best prevention to avoid cardiac arrest, a stent or other cardiovascular event.  

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