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Is Functional Medicine Right for Me? Take the Quiz!


Healthcare today is more about managing symptoms than truly addressing the root causes of illness to help you heal. This approach, which could be better termed ‘sick care,’ may have left you feeling frustrated and still unwell. But what if there was a different approach? One that focused on understanding and correcting the underlying imbalances […]

Heal, Renew and Revitalize with Regenerative Cellular Therapy


Regenerative cellular therapy is revolutionizing the field of medicine and offering new hope for patients with a wide range of conditions from joint pain and hair loss to sexual dysfunction.   It works by promoting the repair response of diseased, dysfunctional or injured tissue using cellular therapy and can be used to help:    Chronic joint […]

How Functional and Integrative Medicine Can Actually Save You Money?


Reviewed by Dr. Leigh Ann Scott of Forum Health Las Colinas If you’re dealing with a health issue and trying to decide whether to go down the conventional or holistic medicine path, the options can be overwhelming. With more people becoming dissatisfied with their healthcare options and seeking alternatives, can starting treatment with a functional and […]

Improve Lymphatic Drainage and Get Glowing Skin with Dry Brushing

By Staff of Forum Health Vienna Brushing is a part of your daily routine. You brush your hair, you brush your teeth, you brush your body. Wait, what?   Dry brushing is a process that involves brushing your skin with a natural brush to remove toxins from your body. It may sound odd, but if […]

Beauty Isn’t Skin-Deep: 5 Beauty Hacks to Detox Properly


If only exfoliation were the one necessary ingredient to make our skin glow! Unfortunately (or perhaps, fortunately), beauty truly does come from within. If you’ve tried some of our post-holiday detoxing tips, then you’ve likely noticed improvements in your skin, already. If not, we’ve decided to give you our go-to detoxing plan that can be used […]

Supporting the Body’s Energy Powerhouse: Mitochondria


Mitochondrial health is one of the most critical factors in your overall health and energy — yet most people know little about the powerhouse of your cells. However, mitochondria are susceptible and can be damaged easily. And when that damage occurs, you can suffer from fatigue, memory loss, low energy, pain, rapid aging, and much more. What […]

5 Lifestyle Factors to Improve Chronic Disease Symptoms


Incorporating these five lifestyle behaviors is changing the way people approach their chronic disease and prevent progression. Chronic disease has become an epidemic in the United States. It’s the leading cause of death and disability in America, and the leading contributor to healthcare spending. The statistics are alarming with six out of 10 adults in […]

5 Uses and Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar


Superfoods might steal the spotlight in the media, and exotic herbs and plants might make more exciting smoothie ingredients, but sometimes your most common kitchen items can transform your wellbeing much more effectively. One such item is apple cider vinegar! This humble, fermented form of apple juice serves as a wonderful addition to any salad, […]

Feel Radiant Naturally: Tips for Non-Toxic Beauty and Personal Care Products


In your quest for beauty and personal care, it’s easy to overlook the toxins lurking in many conventional products. Harmful chemicals, toxins, and synthetic substances can wreak havoc on your health and may be hiding in your favorite products.     Just like you check the ingredients in your food, it’s important to know what ingredients […]