HOCATT® Ozone Sauna Therapy

Speed detox and improve your immune response.


Forum Health uses the HOCATT ozone steam sauna to deliver carbonic acid therapy. This speeds detoxification and can help you overcome the symptoms of withdrawal from substances like drugs and alcohol.

HOCATT stands for hyperthermic ozone and carbonic acid transdermal technology.

Toxins can be an underlying cause for many serious health conditions.

Ozone therapy with the HOCATT steam sauna is used for heart disease, diabetes, chronic pain or infection, acne, and more. It can also improve blood circulation, promote mental clarity, aid weight loss, and reduce inflammation. The HOCATT sauna can even be used for supportive cancer treatment.

Detox your body and boost your immune system.

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Why Carbonic Acid Therapy?

Carbonic acid is a natural compound that’s key to your body’s normal function. It can be formed by introducing carbon dioxide to react with the highly excited water molecules found in steam.

Because it’s highly soluble, carbonic acid can easily penetrate the skin and bloodstream. This increases your ability to absorb oxygen.

Since carbonic acid is responsive to the heart and blood vessels, treatment with a HOCATT ozone steam sauna can help your cardiovascular system. It can improve circulation and decrease the incidence of vascular diseases. It can also be an effective secondary treatment for hypertension, diabetes, coronary complications, minor vascular insufficiency, and more.

Carbonic acid can:

  • Relieve pain and reduce inflammation
  • Dilate the arteries to increase blood flow throughout the body
  • Flush the skin temporarily to a healthy pink color
  • Stimulate warmth receptors in the skin and inhibit cold receptors
  • Reconstruct functionally closed capillaries
  • Decrease blood pressure
  • Naturally sedate and calm the central nervous system
  • Reduce stress, relaxing the muscles and the mind
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