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Boost Your Testosterone Levels to Their PRIME

Men, it’s time to regain your edge.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) can help men of all ages look and feel their best.

Low testosterone levels can impact both physical and emotional well-being, affecting overall quality of life. Low-T symptoms in men include: 

  • Lack of energy 
  • Loss of focus 
  • Decreased drive and motivation 
  • Constant fatigue 
  • Increased abdominal fat 
  • Decreased athletic performance 
  • Decreased muscle mass 
  • Depression or mood swings
  • Low libido (sex drive) 
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Loss of morning erections
  • Sleep problems  

Andropause Is Usually to Blame

The most common cause of andropause is a decline in hormone levels. The male body produces peak hormone levels during the late teenage years and then steadily declines 1-2% per year after that. Most men don’t start to experience symptoms from Low-T until their mid-late 30s.  

Other common causes are:

  • Obesity  
  • Head Trauma  
  • Anabolic Steroid Abuse  
  • Stress  
  • Testicular Injury  
  • Radiation or Chemotherapy  

Men's Hormone Therapy

Benefits of optimal hormone levels include:

  • Improved overall quality of life  
  • Increased muscle mass, strength and endurance  
  • Improved exercise tolerance  
  • Improved libido, erectile function and sexual performance  
  • Improved focus, drive and motivation  
  • Decreased both visceral and subcutaneous fat  
  • Lower cholesterol and improved lipid parameters  
  • Improved lean muscle mass, bone density, skin tone and collagen formation  
  • Protection against cardiovascular disease, hypertension and arthritis  
  • Improved cognition and enhanced memory  
  • Lower insulin resistance  
  • Increased metabolic function

How It Works

Getting started with HRT for men is very easy and convenient.   

Initial Visit – You will meet with one of our highly trained providers. We focus on your medical history, medications, allergies, surgeries and what, if any, therapies you have tried in the past and what your goals are for your future. 


Treatment Options – We offer hormone replacement therapy for men via a few different options, such as injections, creams, and oral medications. Your provider will discuss the best treatment for your needs at your first appointment.


Follow-up – Our office will obtain follow-up blood work 6 weeks after the treatment start date; then 6 months, then yearly. Our goal is to improve your free testosterone level to an optimal value. Ultimately, it is your relief of Low T symptoms that guides our therapy recommendations.

Many health risks have been associated with low testosterone including:

Erectile Dysfunction

If you’re looking for additional ways to increase blood flow to the penis, improve erections and optimize your sexual performance, it could be time to try something new.


GAINSWave® is a proven, non-invasive treatment that produces better erections, increased sex drive, and peak sexual performance. We are dedicated to providing a highly beneficial experience to each of our patients, and GAINSWave is a great tool to help build your long-term care plan.


We offer GAINSWave treatment along side our Hormone Replacement Therapy for many men.  

Unlock Your Potential Today

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FAQs - Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

No, TRT is not like taking steroids. When properly prescribed and managed by an expert provider, TRT therapy is generally much safer than steroid use to address Low T symptoms in men. Since we use bioidentical hormones for our treatments, your body can use the hormone optimally, minimizing risk to you. 

The misuse of steroids can lead to significant health risks and adverse effects, including:

  • Liver Damage
  • Cardiovascular Issues
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Psychological Effects
  • And much more! 

At Forum Health, we proudly offer some of the best low testosterone treatments including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). 

After an initial test of your current testosterone levels to confirm that you are suffering from low T, we will create a customized treatment plan for you with bioidentical testosterone injections.

Receiving your treatment is quick and efficient. Our physicians can quickly and effectively test and monitor your testosterone levels throughout the treatments to continue to minimize and eliminate your low T symptoms.



Deciding whether men's hormone therapy is right for you is a complex process, but our Forum Health medical professionals are here to help. Start by scheduling an appointment with one of our qualified healthcare providers near you. These specialists have expertise in hormone-related conditions and can assess your medical history, current health status, symptoms, and questions and concerns to determine whether TRT therapy is appropriate. 

Odds are, YES, there might be a Forum Health TRT clinic near you! We have clinics all over the nation. Find a location near you! 

Yes, HRT,  can potentially help adult and older males build muscle. Testosterone is a hormone that plays a significant role in the development and maintenance of muscle mass, bone density, and overall physical strength. As men age, their natural testosterone levels tend to decline, which can lead to a gradual loss of muscle mass and strength. The TRT shot involves supplementing the body to bring levels within an optimal range. HRT for men can have several effects on muscle mass and strength in adult and older males including: 

  • Improved Physical Performance
  • Bone Density Maintenance
  • Increased Muscle Protein Synthesis