Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Women


By Staff of Leigh Ann Scott, MD, A Forum Health Provider Low testosterone in women is much more common than most people realize. Generally, when people think of testosterone they associate it with men. But for women, waning levels can be equally distressing. Testosterone is one of the three sex hormones along with Estrogen and […]

Improve Testosterone Levels with Weight Loss


Reviewed by Kimberly Cabe, FNP-BC of Forum Health Rochester Hills A large collection of studies show that lower testosterone levels in men tends to correlate with excess weight. In one recent study, men who suffered from low testosterone levels were also found to cope with inferior health and an overall lower quality of life when compared with men […]

Testosterone Pellets for Women

By William Epperly of Forum Health Bloomingdale Testosterone pellets have many potential benefits for both men and women. It makes sense that they would help men, but most people don’t realize that women need testosterone, too. A woman’s normal total testosterone blood level is about 1/20 the level of an average male. But even at […]