Candied Pecans

Reviewed by Health Coach Carli Webb, MS Recipe source: The Big Man’s World®, Video, Yields 16 Servings, Serving Size: ~1⁄4 cup, Low Carb, Vegetarian, GDRx Veggie Week   Raw pecans (3 cups) Monk fruit sweetener (1 1⁄2 cups) Cinnamon (1 TBS) Vanilla extract (1 tsp)   Heat a large pan over medium heat. Once hot, add […]

Oven-Baked Granola

Reviewed by Health Coach Beth Kaczmar of Forum Health Akron Yields 15 Servings, Serving Size: 1⁄4 cup, Vegetarian Oats (2 cups) Sliced almonds (1 cup) Pumpkin seeds (1⁄2 cup) Coconut oil (1⁄4 cup) Honey (1⁄4 cup) Raw maple syrup (1⁄4 cup) Flax seeds (2 TBS) Hemp seeds (2 TBS) Vanilla extract (1 tsp) Cinnamon (1⁄2 […]