Perimenopause and Menopause: Symptoms, Hormones and Treatment Options


Wish you could hit the “pause” button on perimenopause and menopause? It’s no coincidence that these occur around the time that midlife starts. We have all heard the term, “midlife crisis,” which can seem to happen as our bodies begin to go through the “change.”  A lot of women find that this is often a […]

Easing Anxiety During Menopause


Reviewed by Kimberly Cabe, FNP-BC of Forum Health Rochester Hills When you hear people talk about menopause symptoms, physical issues often get the lion’s share of attention. But as you begin to experience the changes of menopause, you might notice more than just hot flashes and night sweats—one of the most common menopause symptoms is anxiety, which can […]

Handling Hot Flashes During Menopause


Reviewed by Kimberly Cabe, FNP-BC of Forum Health Rochester Hills A wave of heat spreads across your chest until your skin feels like it’s burning. You start to perspire as the sensation creeps into your neck and then your head, and your clothes feel stifling against your body. Within a few minutes, the feeling has passed, but you’re […]

Menopause: A Pain in the Joints


Reviewed by Kimberly Cabe, FNP-BC of Forum Health Rochester Hills Out of all the problems that develop during menopause, joint pain is something that takes many people by surprise. The hot flashes, the mood swings, the night sweats—these are all things we hear about a great deal, and though maybe not necessarily ready for the changes to happen, […]

Stop Sweating Through Menopause


The menopause symptoms that you may be experiencing are more common than you think and there are solutions available. Emotional and Mood Changes  Hot Flashes and Night Sweats  Vaginal Dryness  Low Libido  Sleep Disturbances  Maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle is key to helping you transition away from menstruation, however, sometimes you need a bit […]