Feel Radiant Naturally: Tips for Non-Toxic Beauty and Personal Care Products

In your quest for beauty and personal care, it’s easy to overlook the toxins lurking in many conventional products. Harmful chemicals, toxins, and synthetic substances can wreak havoc on your health and may be hiding in your favorite products. Just like you check the ingredients in your food, it’s important to know what ingredients are […]

Keys to Sun Exposure: Avoiding Burn and Producing Vitamin D

By Dr. William Epperly of Forum Health Bloomingdale Understanding how the sun affects skin and vitamin D production is key to safe exposure. Dermatologists around the world sometimes make it sound like the sun is evil. Even Boris Lushniak, MD, who was one of my interns at St. Joseph Hospital when I was a senior […]

The Top 5 Summer Skin Sins

By Staff of Forum Health Knoxville With more than 1 million new cases diagnosed each year, skin cancer has become the most common cancer in the United States. Fortunately, skin cancer is one of the most preventable forms of cancer. Avoiding these Top 5 Summer Skin Sins will help you achieve beautiful skin while scaring off unsightly […]