Wade Huey, MD

Dr. Huey is dedicated to ensuring his patients achieve optimal health through advanced therapies in functional medicine, such as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, platelet-rich plasma therapy, and targeted diet and supplement regimens.

Dr. Huey’s career in medicine was sparked from an unlikely place, during his undergraduate work at the University of Texas, where he did research in physiologic psychology and worked at Austin State Hospital. During this time, he became fascinated with the function of the human mind and the complex physiology of the whole human body. To satisfy his curiosity and further his knowledge and understanding, Dr. Huey pursued and ultimately achieved his medical degree from the University of Texas Health and Science Center in San Antonio.

In 2002, the widely-publicized results of the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) left Dr. Huey searching for better, safer treatments for his patient struggling with hormone imbalances and symptoms of aging. He found a continuing medical education series on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and says his “eyes were opened to BHRT, and soon preventive medicine and functional medicine followed” and “quickly realized how traditional medicine had become the puppet of big pharma”. He realized he had previously only treated human disease instead of treating human beings.

Shortly after his epiphany, Dr. Huey started Huey Holistics in Portland, Oregon.  Through preventive and functional medicine practices, he was able to offer individualized care to his patients including more advanced lab testing, comprehensive support for diet and exercise, and targeted supplement regimens to optimize health.

Dr. Huey is Board Certified by the American Board of Family Practice. He is also an active member of the fellowship for Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. He earned his medical degree from the University of Texas Health & Science Center in San Antonio and completed his Family Practice Residency at Texas Tech RAHC and North Texas Hospital in Amarillo.

He joined Forum Health Tyler in May of 2021.

Board Certifications, Associations and Training:

  • Member of the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine
  • Extensive training in anti-aging provided by the fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine
Wade Huey, MD
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