Catherine Waller, MD

Dr. Waller received her medical degree (MD) from Wayne State University (Detroit) in 1983 and completed her Family Practice residency at St. John Hospital (Detroit) in 1986. After 20 years in practice, she grew frustrated with the ineffectiveness of the traditional healthcare system which encouraged the use of medications to mask symptoms without really resolving the underlying causes of illness or helping patients become truly healthy.

In 2003, after discovering the specialties of Anti-aging and Functional Medicine, she enrolled in a Fellowship program and by 2005 had become one of the first 20 physicians in the United States to become Board Certified in Anti-aging and Functional Medicine.

Once she began practicing Anti-aging and Functional Medicine, she was amazed at the results. For the first time, she began seeing patients achieve optimal wellness, reverse chronic health problems, regain their independence, and feel like themselves again. Witnessing these miraculous transformations on a daily basis is now the favorite part of her job.

As the practice grew from a one room office in 2005 to the beautiful 5,500 sq. ft multi-disciplinary Waller Wellness Center that it is now, Dr. Waller’s role has grown, too. To better help the thousands of new patients walking through the Waller Wellness Center doors, Dr. Waller hand-picked talented practitioners and trained them in Functional Medicine. She now has several Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants trained by her and she continues to be available to them for supervision and mentoring.

In addition to overseeing the quality of care at the Waller Wellness Center as the Medical Director, Dr. Waller oversees business management, marketing, operations and program development. When she isn’t working, she enjoys building puzzles, playing board games, going to movies, collecting miniatures, and spending time on the beach at her vacation home up north.

Catherine Waller, MD
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