Nicole Zeiner, CRNC

Wellness Administrator

Expert in clinical nutrition, addiction recovery, detoxification, and lifestyle medicine.

Nicole oversees the design, development, and execution of Forum Health patient education and wellness programs. A licensed health coach, she holds one-on-one consultations — both remotely and at Forum Health practices.

Passionate about health, Nicole has operated a Chicago-based functional medicine clinic, helped develop a nutraceutical line, and created an integrative addiction recovery program. She currently serves as president of the nonprofit Alliance for Addiction Solutions, which offers functional solutions for mental health and addiction recovery.

Nicole earned her Bachelor of Science in biochemistry and nutrition from the University of Utah.

  • Go-to snack: 2 scoops of Inwell Total Reset, Strawberry
  • Favorite stress reliever: Yin yoga
  • Recent read: Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert


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