Katie Wandasiewicz, BS, CH, DTR

Katie understands that we are bio-psycho-social beings and that our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions deeply affect our health and experience of life.


Katie is a clinical nutritionist and certified hypnotherapist.
She achieved her bachelor’s degree in clinical dietetics from Purdue University with a concentration in how nutrition affects mental health and has experience working with diabetes, cardiology, and obesity medicine.


For the past 5 years, Katie has trained with hypnotists from all other the world learning a multitude of techniques from neurolinguistic programming to Eastern medicine and meditation practices.


Katie helps people transform their health and their lives with hypnotherapy by dismantling subconscious blocks, releasing stuck emotions in the body, and designing a healthy lifestyle that is most ecological for them.


Her areas of expertise are weight loss, anxiety and depression, trauma and grief, relationship issues, addiction, and peak performance in sports, school, and business.


When Katie is not seeing clients, she enjoys long walks, going to the beach, writing, reading, and experiencing new healing modalities with other practitioners.

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