Danielle Booth, CHC

Danielle Booth is a passionate 3X Certified Holistic Health Coach and Personal Trainer who bridges the gap between the patient and medical provider for a collaborative care team approach and optimal patient outcomes. Her experience working in the health industry since 2014, as an athlete in the fitness world, and as a U.S. Coast Guard Veteran, has strengthened her skills, modalities, and approaches needed to help patients overcome challenges and achieve their goals.
Danielle’s most recent interests and specialties focus around Peptide Therapy, Epigenetics, Longevity, Natural Body Building, and Integrative/Functional Nutrition.
She understands firsthand the power of quality nutrition to improve health conditions with experiencing autism in her family, and supporting her mother through her journey with major health challenges such as cancer. These experiences inspired Danielle to study and experiment with the healing potential of the mind and body, and investigate treatments for her own health conditions which led her to working with top medical professionals to gain experience and better understanding of different approaches. She believes in flexible nutrition through Integrative and Functional Medicine training to personalize patient goals based on their health conditions and protocols set by their Provider.
Danielle also specializes in movement and exercise for longevity as well as a health treatment. She has become an advocate for patients using self-healing strategies to support their medical treatments. She’s passionate about personalized patient-centered care to assist her clients in breaking through mental barriers and limiting beliefs through Positive Psychology and Mind-Body Medicine.

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