Brittany Golden, BS

Certified Functional Medicine Nutritionist / Lifestyle Educator 

With a love for helping others achieve overall health and vitality, Brittany Golden specializes in functional and therapeutic nutrition. Brittany comes to Nuview Nutrition with a combined background of conventional medicine, fitness training, and holistic healing. After being on the conventional medicine side, where the solution to health issues is typically medications and surgeries, she wanted to help people prevent and delay chronic illness. 


She decided to go back to school where she earned an Honors Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Wellness from Kaplan University. Brittany also went on to dive further into the functional medicine world and became a Certified Functional Nutritionist after completing the Functional Nutrition Certification Program through Josh Gitalis. Using customized nutrition plans to reverse and delay chronic illness, she believes in helping others get their health back without surgery or medications whenever possible. 


Her passion is helping clients achieve success with their individual goals by educating them on a natural health approach that focuses on working with the bodys innate ability to heal itself, the mind-body connection, as well as the reduction and elimination of toxins from the body and personal environment. She is truly passionate about helping clients understand the link between their food and their environment with their symptoms and how to adjust these things in order to feel better and improve quality of life. She has worked with a wide variety of clients with a focus on endocrine health, detoxification, supplementation, dietary behavior modification, and mind-body wellness. 

At Nuview Nutrition, Brittany helps her clients achieve personal success with one-on-one meetings and runs corporate wellness programs, grocery store tours, and group nutrition classes. She has experience with adolescents, adults, elderly, and pregnant women. 


Brittany is a mom to a beautiful, little daughter and a cuddly, infant son. She is enjoying every moment with them! 


She enjoys reading on the beach, practicing yoga, traveling, hiking, visiting lighthouses, kayaking, and walking her dog. 

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