Patient Story: Diabetic in Denial

As a pharmacist, Phil Hagerman knew all about insulin — and the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

“But I was traveling a lot for work, admittedly had a sweet tooth, and didn’t think I had the time to focus on my health,” Phil said.

His grandchildren gave him the motivation to get back on track. And Dr. Paul Savage was there to help make it happen.

“Paul really pushed me,” Phil said. “He really was in my head, in fact, about the personal things in my life that were important. He knew my grandkids were important to me. He knew I lived an active lifestyle. I was an active snow skier and wanted to continue that for the next decade or two.”

Dr. Savage recommended a small patch to be placed on Phil’s arm. This allowed him to use his smartphone to see the impact of his food choices in real time.

After just a few months, Phil’s blood sugar is back within normal range. His diabetes has been reversed.

With Dr. Savage and the Forum Health team at his side, Phil can maintain his active lifestyle, keep up with his grandkids, and enjoy his health medication-free.

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